iPad App to Teach Children ASL

The Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning at Gallaudet University created a series of iPad storybook apps for deaf children. The series is designed to help children with difficulty hearing learn how to read American Sign Language and English. The first book in the series of three is called The Baobab. It’s about a curious […]

4 Apps for Captioning Movies

Captionfish Captionfish is the Internet’s leading captioned movies search engine that shares information about open captioned and descriptively narrated movies showings in the United States. Captionfish also features streaming captioned trailers that allow deaf and  people with hearing impairments to enjoy the very same previews of current and upcoming movies as their hearing counterparts. Last […]

See and hear: CapTel phones let you see what you can’t hear

Ideal for those who are hard of hearing or deaf, CapTel phones caption what the caller is saying. The phones work just like any other phone, only they have a display attached to them that reads what the caller says. CapTel phone users can listen to the caller, and can also read the written captions […]

Cochlear implants change the meaning of deaf

A deaf diagnoses used to mean no other option. Hearing loss was permanent. Today, children who were born deaf, are now hearing adults thanks to a little device called the cochlear implant. Surgically implanted into the ears, cochlear implants take sound waves and transform them into electrical codes the brain can read. That code is […]

9-1-1 service to get new life

When it comes to calling for help in an emergency, calling 9-1-1 has always been “Option A.” Service is expected to be not only quick, but efficient and safe. Most get it. However, if you are unable to speak due to injury or unconsciousness or are hard of hearing or deaf, help may be harder […]

More IRS Aid for People with Disabilities

Previously, the INDATA blog featured a post that outlined the different services and paperwork for individuals with disabilities provided by the Internal Revenue Service. Thankfully, the IRS continues to help those same individuals throughout the entirety of the tax season. The following is an article published by The American Foundation for the Blind about the […]