InterAACt with DynaVox Products

DynaVox is a leading provider for augmentative and alternative communication products and speech generating devices for individuals with a multitude of disabilities worldwide.  Their products are constructed with each consumer’s unique communication needs in mind.  They have products specifically for individuals with cerebral palsy, ALS, autism, stroke/aphasia, neurological conditions, intellectual disabilities and more; whether individuals […]

Robots4Autism: Teaching Social Skills for Life

Upon hearing the term “robot” and pondering its history, it may be assumed that many would deem it more of a modern concept.  However, artificial humans and autonomous artificial servants have a long history in human culture since being discussed as far back as 3500 BC by Homer in his epic poem The Iliad. The term robot was […]

Monday Tech Tip: iPad Accessibility Part 2 of 3

Welcome to the second part of this special three part series about accessibility on the iPad.  In the first video, Anna showed how to set up particular accessibility features on the iPad.  In this video, she will show how to use only hand gestures and voice to insert text into contact fields.

Monday Tech Tip: iPad Accessibility Part 1 of 3

This is a special series on iPad accessibility featuring Anna Leung, Assistive Technology Specialist.  In the first video, Anna shows how to set up some accessibility controls on the iPad.  In the videos to come she will then demonstrate how to use helpful features. Enjoy!