SmartView 360 Video Magnifier

  SmartView 360 Video Magnifier magnifies images to help people who are Blind or visually impaired, more clearly see the world around them. Users position the camera to see across a room, enlarge any text, or act as a magnifying mirror. Classroom work, studying and homework are made easier through the power and versatility of the […]

Boost Personal Video Magnifier

  Boost™ Personal Video Magnifier is a reading support tool for people with impaired vision.  This personal assistive technology device is a video magnifier that features a durable design and user-friendly interface. It has only three buttons to make it easy to use. The technology is suitable for use in the classroom and home. The Boost Personal […]

Snow Portable Video Magnifier

The Snow Portable Video Magnifier is an assistive technology device that is useful for people who are Blind or have low vision. This high-powered magnifier features 10 color contrast modes, large easy-see buttons, a writing stand for journaling or signing documents and the ability to connect to your television for larger magnification. This lightweight magnifier […]

Senseview DUO Portable Video Magnifier

The SenseView DUO is a portable video magnifier (CCTV) for the visually impaired, that can magnify at short or long distances. This assistive technology device is useful for people who have visual impairments but still need to see certain objects enlarged. For example, it works well for reading the back of medicine bottles or the […]