Maps, Taps, Wolves and more: 5 apps that got us talking

Inspired by the introduction of the new iPhone 4s, the INDATA project thought it might be nice to mention some augmentative applications that have garnered our attention recently. From organizing your life to talking through pictures, these apps make the daily grind a little easier. It does not matter if you have a physical disability or just need a little reminder now and then, the five apps below have you covered.

Tap to Talk: Designed with the special needs children and families in mind, this app strives “to make communication fun” by tapping pictures and letting the app do the talking. Each picture can lead to another screen of pictures and they are even customizable by visiting As it stands, the app includes a library of over 2,000 pictures. The app is free, but customization costs.

MindMeister (mind mapping): This app, combined with the service aims to help you be more productive throughout your day. Do you have a brilliant idea? Enter it into the app and begin mapping different concepts as you think of them. You can save them, brainstorm with colleagues and friends or manage personal/meeting notes. PLEASE NOTE: MindMeister for iPhone automatically backs up all your mobile maps with the service, and thus asks you to create a FREE account on the first start. This app offers a free trial, but after that, a subscription is necessary.

Wolfram Alpha: This app allows you to quickly gain access to all kinds of information, no matter the subject. Great for students and professionals alike, the app sifts through all of the information on the web related to your search and gives you only the most specific and relevant results. With its simple interface, the Wolfram Alpha App lets you instantly compute answers to questions across thousands of domains—from finance and food to math and medicine this app covers all bases.

Cozi: Cozi is a FREE online organizer and mobile app that helps you manage the family schedule, organize shopping lists and to do lists, and capture favorite memories—all in one place – now available in an app. Because it’s mobile, the app can be accessed by anyone on any computer or mobile device and they will all see the same information. Cozi makes it easier to balance a family’s busy schedule, shopping and to do lists and it even has a family journal function that allows you to jot down a special moment and add photos to your library.

Pocket Picture Planner: The easy interface of this app allows you to keep your day organized by way of a visual calendar that you can create in Picture Planner on your Mac or Windows computer. You can schedule your activities by using stock photos and symbols or use your own imported images. “An ideal self-management app for children, users with autism and other cognitive disabilities, elders, second language learners, and anyone who likes working with pictures or who prefers a simple user interface for scheduling activities and getting reminders.”

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