TextSpeak Speech Generator Keyboard


Image Source: EnableMart.com
Image Source: EnableMart.comchno

TextSpeak is a simple, yet powerful keyboard device that generates synthesized speech. Battery powered and portable, it speaks with unlimited vocabulary.TextSpeak text-to-speech keyboard converts text to voice while you type. This assistive technology device is useful for people who may have limited mobility. It is a completely integrated DSP technology that works without a PC and is simple to use.

The device includes a full size keyboard. It expands to support most standard and special needs keyboards. It is used a an on-the-go AAC solution because it is portable, light, instant on requires virtually no setup. The TextSpeak uses AC and battery and works with telephones. Users can add up to 30 programmable phrases to the device to make it even easier to use over and over again. Both male and Female voices included.

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