Claro Software for iOS devices

Claro Software is an innovative software company that develops and licenses Assistive Software, including speech, image and touch technology.  The mission of the company is to provide user-friendly software available in many different languages.  The software is available via the following Claro apps:


ClaroSpeak is a text-to-speech reader app from Claro Software.

  • Available for the iPhone or iPad.clarospeak
  • Capable of speaking any accessible text with a range of humanlike, high-quality voices.
  • Offers the option of visual highlighting in-sync with the spoken words.
  • An array of color and font settings available for optimum reading, and word prediction to help with writing.
  • Offers Dropbox Integration, thus making eBooks and other documents stored in Dropbox accessible through the ClaroSpeak app.  This integration also allows users to save text and audio files directly back to Dropbox.
  • Dictate: with the incorporation of Apple’s speech recognition technology, ClaroSpeak can be used to dictate text directly into the ClaroSpeak app and to have the text repeated to ensure accuracy.

ClaroCom and ClaroCom Pro are apps designed for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

  • clarocomproEasy-to-use interface appropriate for users who face challenges with socialcommunication.
  • Helps AAC users communicate with people outside their family in different social environments.
  • ClaroCom Pro features powerful editing, privacy and communication features to the high-quality speech, user-editable phrases and word prediction found in ClaroCom.


ClaroPDF is a text-to-speech reader for PDFs and powerful editing tool.

  • To support accessibility and productivity, ClaroPDF features built-in human quality text-to-speech English voices with a range of synchronized contoured highlighting options.  There is an option offering speech in background which allows you to listen to a PDF while viewing another app — great for proofreading text PDF files, listening to content while working in other apps, or even listening via Bluetooth speakers.claropdf-icon
  • Speaking rate can be up to 360 words per minute, and the Speak on Tap option makes speech easy to use.
  • Over 40 additional voices are available in 27 different languages as In-App purchases, making it easier to customize ClaroPDF speech to suit your preference and languages.
  • No internet connection required to speak the text.
  • Background color of PDF is customizable to enhance readability.
  • Features an annotation toolbar that allows users to add notes, highlight, underscore, lines, shapes and images to the PDF.

ClaroMagX is a magnifier available for iOS devices.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Features 16 levels of magnification with the maximum of 16x times zoom.
  • High-quality front facing iSight camera
  • Torchlight option using the inbuilt flash (iPhone and iPod Touch only)
  • Users may take a photograph and are able to magnify that document later.
  • Freeze mode allows users to tap the viewfinder to freeze the image for closer viewing.claromagx
  • Advanced visual features include full color mode, two color mode and grey scale mode.  Also features an invert function to change contrast.
  • The gray scale and 2 color mode allows a color overlay option from yellow, purple, cyan, green, read or blue.

For more information on Claro software, visit their website here.

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