Sticker Steve and Sasha: Basic Emotions

Many individuals on the autism spectrum often struggle to understand basic emotions.  Mindlively offers a variety of products to benefit said individuals.  “Our goal is to provide sound, credible, insanely affordable interactive experiences that are an alternative to the numerous ad-crammed, variable quality, free materials available online.  We aren’t aiming big– either in size or profits–but we’re striving to improve the quality of the online educational materials landscape.”  The company’s flagship product is their app, Sticker Steve and Sasha Basic Emotions.

Sticker Steve and Sasha Basic Emotions is a simple, uncluttered app that helps children recognize basic emotions in a myriad of real-life scenarios.

Contexts presented within Sticker Steve and Sasha app:

  • School
  • Home
  • Out and about
  • Playtime

Each screen presents a themed scenario and three basic emotion multiple choices.  You are then asked to choose the correct emotional response appropriate in that situation.

Basic Emotions Practiced:

  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Scared
  • Angry
  • Surprised

This app is appropriate for early intervention, children on the autism spectrum, and individuals with social deficits.  It was developed by special needs development specialists with decades of experience creating materials for students of all ages with language deficits and ASD.

To download free coloring pages, to view a data collection sheet to track accountability, or to browse tips developed by speech-language pathologists for using Sticker Steve and Sasha, at home or at the clinical setting, be sure to visit their blog available here.

Or check it out on iTunes!

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