Listening Power Preschool

Does your student or child have difficulty listening?  Poor listening skills may be a result of ADHD, poor auditory memory, autism, language impairment or other special need.  The Listening Power Preschool HD app was developed to strengthen listening skills for these individuals and more!

The app was created by Patti Hamaguchi, a licensed speech-language pathologist and is ideal for individuals with a language of 3½ through 6 years, or any other child learning English.  Listening Power Preschool is packed with five different activities featuring stories and questions.  What’s even better?  You can customize the settings for each activity!

listening power preschool app

By entering Settings, you’ll find you can adjust the settings for each of the 5 activities.  Options include: difficulty level (easy, intermediate, advanced), manual/automatic advance, number of choices shown, automatic or manual showing of choices, reward activity, tracking progress, text on/off and narration on/off.

5 Activities Included in Listening Power Preschool:

1. Listening for Descriptions:
In this activity, children will practice listening for adjectives and descriptive language

  • Examples include:
    • Colors (light/dark),
    • Size concepts (largest, smallest, etc.),
    • Dirty/clean, wet/dry,
    • Emotions (surprised, scared, happy, sad)
    • Other descriptors: (stripes, spots, curly, soft, round, etc.)

2. Listening for Directions:
In this activity, children will practice concepts that are common among oral instructions.

  • Examples:
    • Spatial concepts (on, under, in, out, up, down, etc.),
    • Classroom directions (sit down, raise your hand, stand up, line up, “stop!”, put an X/underline/circle/color/cross out something)
    • Home directions (put on something, brush teeth, etc.)
    • Linguistic concepts (both, all, one, first, second, third, pair)
  • When correct answer is selected, a short animation will appear as a reward!

3. Listening for Grammar and Meaning:
In this activity, individuals will practice listening for grammatical elements of language.

  • Examples:
    • Plural forms,
    • Verb tenses,
    • Pronouns (he, she, they, it, I, you)
    • Negation (not, no)
    • Who, what, where concepts
    • Prepositional concepts (with, to, for, at)
  • Correct responses flip when selected.

4. Listening to Stories with Pictures:
In this activity, children listen to a story that features a few pictures to keep the child’s interest and help child imagine what is happening in the story.  The story is followed by who, what, and where questions.

5. Listening to Stories without Pictures:
This is the more advanced activity of Listening to Stories with Pictures.  The child must stay focused and imagine the story, without images, then answer simple questions about the story.  An animation after the story shows some aspect of the story.

To learn more about Listening Power Preschool, check it out on iTunes!

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