New Boogie Board eWriter: Jot 4.5

Nowadays, it seems everyone is going paperless.  With the increased use of smart devices like phones and tablets, there’s hardly any need for paper!  However, if you’re like me, you still want to handwrite certain things (e.g. quick notes, dates, numbers, etc.)  The developers at Boogie Board have created ideal solutions.  Earlier this year, I discussed the Jot 8.5 eWriter, which is comparable to the size of a tablet.  Their newest eWriter, Jot 4.5, includes a lot of the same features, but in a much more compact device.

When using the Jot 4.5 eWriter, users will get to experience a natural pen on paper experience on a smart device.  Using one of the Boogie Board eWriters can eliminate the need for paper and sticky notes.  Another major benefit over smart devices is that there’s no need to charge or connect!  Simply write and erase with a click of a button–over and over again!

Jot 4.5 (and 8.5) are also ideal for individuals who have difficulty communicating.  The conveniently portable eWriters could benefit individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, those who’ve had a stroke, and more.  According to MaxiAids, these eWriters have been endorsed for “non-audible communication by various organizations for ALS, vocal cord paralysis, stroke victims, etc.”

jot 4.5 boogie board ewriterFeatures of Boogie Board Jot 4.5 eWriter:

  • Built-in stylus holder
  • Sleek, lightweight, portable design
  • Durable construction designed for use on the go
  • Perfect size for pockets and purses for notes anywhere
  • Thumbtack holes make it easy to hang for quick access
  • Stackable design perfect for multiple units
  • Dimensions: 5.1 inches (W) x 7.7 inches (H) x 0.4 inches (D)
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs.
  • Available in pink, blue, or gray

To learn more about Jot 4.5 and other Boogie Board eWriters, click here.

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