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The sky was an absolute masterpiece last night: it was painted with the most beautiful red and orange hues.  Unfortunately, I was driving on my way home from work and wasn’t able to get my phone out to capture its essence.  Have you ever had moments like this?  Have you ever wished you could just take a picture by looking at something?  With Blincam, you will be able to do just that—completely hands-free!  Blincam allows you to capture any moment instantly by simply blinking or winking.

Blincam is a wearable camera which attaches to any pair of glasses.  The camera will capture whatever you are looking at, so you never have to worry about shuffling through your bag to find your phone to take a picture!

How the wearable works:

When I first heard about this device, I was asking myself, “What if I blink while wearing it?  I kinda have to blink…but I don’t want pictures taken every five seconds!”  According to the device’s website, “Blincam distinguishes a strong wink or blink from natural ones so all you have to do is to WINK the shutter on your intention.”  How awesome is that?!  It utilizes a patent-pending eye movement sensor to capture the pictures, and syncs to your phone via Bluetooth.

blincam image

The Blincam syncs with your smartphone.  Once you take pictures, they’ll automatically upload to your smartphone.   You can select the ones you’d like to save by quickly viewing the thumbnails, or just save them all!  You can then upload and send the photos to your family and friends.

The Blincam is about to enter the crowdfunding stage next month.  To sign up for updates on this device, click here.

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