Tap : Wearable Bluetooth Keyboard

It seems as though a new app or device is launched onto the market every single day.  As a writer, I love getting the word out there about these potentially life-altering apps and products.  The Tap is yet another assistive technology with this potential.  It is a wearable keyboard that provides a fast, accurate and eyes-free method of interfacing with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

In sum, Tap turns the tactile world into a keyboard and allows you to type on virtually any surface.  It is a device that will benefit individuals of all abilities, but it may especially be a unique solution for blind and low vision users.  Since it uses gestures to type messages, it also provides a discrete alternative for those who use voice input.

It is compatible with devices which support Bluetooth Keyboards.  Examples of devices which are already Tap-compatible include:

  • iOS devices
  • Android devices
  • Macs
  • Windows PCs
  • Several smart TVs

Getting started:

To get started with Tap, simply place the Tap’s Strap on either your right or left hand.  For it to operate properly, the Strap needs to be at the top of your fingers, near your knuckles.  Once it’s properly placed on your hand, you can activate it by tapping your thumb on a flat surface three times.  You’ll then be able to pair the device with your phone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth.

tap bluetooth keyboard
Image from Tap Systems, Inc.

Now you can start typing in any application you choose (Messenger, Email, etc.)  As long as the Strap is on your fingers, you’ll be able to type characters directly on the device (letters, punctuation, numbers, and special characters.)

It may take some time to adjust to typing with the device, so the developers have created the TapGenius app.  The TapGenius app is a fun game that helps you learn and get up to speed as fast as possible!

Tap Quick Facts:

  • Battery and Charging: 
    • The device is charged via a standard micro USB cable.  It takes 3 hours to fully charge Tap from empty.
    • The battery will last up to 4 hours or be in standby for 72 hours with one charge.
  • Pairing:
    • You may only pair the Strap to one device at a time.
  • Placement:
    • “Make sure that your Tap is upright (the finger sensor marks should go on the tops of your fingers).  Slide your fingers into the finger holes until the Tap is close to your knuckles.”
  • Sizes:
    • The device is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

To learn more about the device, check out their website.

You should also check out Wade’s interview with one of the co-founders of Tap System, Inc., Ran Poliakine, on ATU 274.