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Learning to read and write are challenging tasks for anyone, but they are especially so for individuals with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.  The AcceleRead AcceleWrite Student App is a resource that can be used both in and outside of the classroom.

In sum, it is an educational app “aimed at improving reading and writing through a dedicated scheme.”  The iPad app utilizes the iOS text-to-speech features in order to provide a program that focuses on the development of an individual’s memory, spelling, reading, and phonological skills.


Upon opening the app, students will be provided with three options:

  1. An Introduction: if the user clicks here, he or she will be taken to a different window where there is a full guide explaining how to benefit the most from the app.
  2. Let’s Go: by clicking here, the user will dive right into the content.
  3. Results: after completing the tasks, users can visit the Results tab.  Here they’ll be able to review where they struggled most, where they excelled, and more.  This helps to highlight where the student’s strengths are, as well as what needs improvement.

There are three versions available of the app:

  1. Student or “At Home” Version: This is the one I’m covering today.  It’s designed to be used by a student at home and is more directed towards that individual.
  2. Lite Version:  The Lite version is a slightly “watered down” version of the AcceleRead AcceleWrite program.
  3. Classroom Version:  The Classroom app is designed to be used within a classroom setting.  Teachers can create up to 30 user accounts and also use the Teacher’s Toolkit.  The Toolkit is where all data is stored and is password protected.

Overview of AcceleRead AcceleWrite Student App:

  • Basic, easy-to-use interface encourages students to focus on the content.
  • Full access to sentences within the program.
  • Getting Started/Introduction to the program.
  • Ability to customize color and text settings.
  • Displays a comparison for incorrect answers, helping the user identify and understand.
  • Provides auditory support for memorizing sentences.
  • Fun and engaging.
  • Track and monitor each user’s results.

To learn more, check it out on iTunes or read the review from the Educational App Store.

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