Serene Amplified Phone HD-70

Serene Innovations is a company “specializing in the development and manufacturing of communication products for seniors and for people with special needs.”  More specifically, they offer several communication products for individuals who are hard of hearing.  One of these products is the High-Definition Amplified Corded Phone HD-70.

The HD-70 amplified phone is an ideal solution for individuals who need an amplified phone.  The feature that easily sets it apart from other desktop phones is that it offers Bluetooth connectivity.  This Bluetooth technology allows users to connect their smartphones to the HD-70 to make and answer calls!

phone hd-70
High Definition Amplified Telephone Model HD-70

Features of Amplified Phone HD-70:

  • Amplifies sounds by up to 50+ decibels in order to help ensure optimal understanding and clarity
  • Uses Digital Tone Enhancement to ensure voices are crystal clear
  • Talking Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Missed Calls feature
    • Announces the name of the person on the line – no more guessing!
  • 12 speed dial buttons that announce the name of the person whom you are dialing from memory
  • Connects to any smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity
    • This allows users to make or answer calls from their cellphones, while using the HD-70 to do actual talking.
  • Large, blacklit buttons in your choice of color for easy viewing “Talk Back” and help ensure you’re dialing the correct number without straining your eyes.
  • Loud ringer and super bright flasher to capture your attention when a call is coming in
  • Q&A button directly on top of the phone to help users easily connect with Customer Care Representatives to assist with questions or concerns on your phone.

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