Google Home: Smart Speaker and Home Assistant

One of the more popular assistive technologies to recently hit the market over the past couple of years is Amazon Echo.  Since Alexa’s successful debut in 2014, Amazon has gone on to release two more versions of Alexa: the Tap and Dot.  Most recently, another tech giant Google has released Google Home, their own smart speaker and home assistant.

Google Home is very comparable to the Amazon Echo.  It is able to answer questions, complete tasks, etc. just like the Echo.  However, it is a little cheaper than Echo (Home $130 vs. Echo $180).  CNET has provided a helpful breakdown between the two smart devices here.

To get started with Google Home, simply state, “Okay Google”.  Now Home will be able to help with the following:

  • Audio:
    • Mobile app audio streaming
    • Multi-room audio
    • News
    • Radio
    • Music
    • Speaker streaming and control
    • TV streaming and control
  • Getting answers:
    • Calculator
    • Dictionary
    • Facts and information
    • Finance
    • Nutrition
    • Translation
  • Manage tasks:
    • Set, check, stop, snooze multiple and/or recurring alarms
    • Request a car
    • Add items to your shopping list and check what’s already on it
    • Set, pause, check, resume and cancel timers
  • Planning:
    • Ask what is on calendar for the day
    • Get status updates on flights
    • Ask for current weather or forecasts for the week
    • Ask about traffic situations
  • Smart home control:

Other Google Home Features:

  • Far-field voice recognition:
    • “Far-field microphones and industry-leading natural language processing ensure Google Home hears you reliably.”
  • Touch controls:
    • The top surface is activated by touch, giving you complete control.
    • Mute button allows you to put Home’s microphone on standby.
  • Customizable bases:
    • Optional base accessories allow you to customize Google Home with a simple twist and pull!

Click here to learn more about Google Home.

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