Myself Belts : One-handed belts

I’ve been really inspired by my posts covering items that encourage children to dress independently.  Most recently, I’ve discussed the One, Two, Tie My Shoe Kit as well as EZ Sox.  Now I’d like to discuss Myself Belts, which is an item that fosters independence in children and adults alike!

Myself Belts “is the easiest belt on the market to fasten and makes dressing a cinch!”  Their belts feature a one-handed patented closure that not only makes it easy to keep pants up but also teaches and encourages children’s independence.  While it is ideal for little ones learning to potty train, its design also promotes independence for persons of all ages!

myself belts
Image of Adult Navy/Black Webbing Belt.

Myself Belts can benefit:

  • Potty training toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • Teens and adults with hand dexterity challenges
  • Persons with cognitive issues or other special needs who need an easier means of dressing
  • Patients in rehabilitation (e.g. stroke victims) who are regaining control of hand function
  • And more!

Features of Myself Belts:

  • One-handed closure makes fastening a belt easier and even possible for individuals of all ages and abilities
  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles:
  • When ordering a child’s belt, you can also add on a slide buckle to make the belt look more “traditional”.  The buckle doesn’t serve any purpose besides looking more traditional!

Click here to learn more about Myself Belts!

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