4 Apps for Aging in Place

Learning how to use a smartphone can be challenging for everyone, especially older individuals.  However, there are many benefits to using a phone, such as apps to keep your meds organized and more.

While there are dozens of apps aimed towards individuals aging in place, I wanted to focus on a handful available.  The following apps’ goals are to keep users organized, safe, and their minds sharp.

4 Apps for Aging in Place:

1. Medisafe:

I wrote about a few pill dispensers last August, and how they can help keep you organized.  There are also apps available to make sure you take the correct dosage at the correct times.  One such app is Medisafe, which is, in sum, a virtual pillbox, health coach, and much more.

It works via iCap and iSort, which wirelessly connect to the Medisafe app to mark pills taken.


  • Uses bank-level encryption to ensure patient safety and security
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Automatically keeps track of when users take their meds
  • Data is sent to approved health care providers so they can monitor patient’s progress
  • And so much more!

Click here to learn all about Medisafe!

2. EasyPhone:

As I stated earlier, using smartphones is not the easiest for many.  For those who simply wish to make a call, check out EasyPhone!  “EasyPhone makes your phone easy to use.”  The app lets users call someone with just the single tap of a button.

To get started, simply:

  1. Download and open EasyPhone app
  2. Select contacts and save
  3. EasyPhone will show only friendly faces of your desired contacts
  4. Touch the friendly face of contact to dial them
  5. That’s it!


  • Simplifies making calls on a smartphone
  • As easy as pressing one button
  • Available on both Android and Apple phones
  • Uses pictures to make it easier to identify contacts

Click here to learn more about EasyPhone.

3. GreyMatters:

I first introduced GreyMatters on Accessibility Minute back in 2015.  It is an interactive life storybook for the iPad “that aims to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers.”

The app allows caregivers to interact with loved ones with dementia in a myriad of ways.


  • Personalized Life Storybook:
    • Customize personal “My Life” story pages with long term memories from loved one’s life
    • Upload your own family photos, accompanied by brief text and voice narration
  • Record and share new memories:
    • Constantly capture new, special moments through video recording
    • Videos can be shared instantly with family members
  • Customized reminders:
    • Create a custom, audiovisual reminder to reassure your loved one about his/her surroundings
    • Reminds can be tailored to the questions most often asked by loved one
  • Universal Content Packs:
    • View pre-loaded “My World” story pages filled with universal content that appeals to loved one’s interests by generation
      • Examples: Entertainers, films, politics, and pop culture from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s
  • Music and games:
    • Create custom playlists from your iTunes library to enjoy while viewing story pages
    • Play a game of memory cards with loved one featuring familiar content from his/her life
  • Accessible design:
    • “Every aspect of GreyMatters was designed with the specialized needs of the dementia patient and caregiver in mind – from scale, color, and text, to the simplicity of interactive elements on the screen.”

Click here to learn more about GreyMatters.

4. Stimart Scarlett:

Looking for fun memory games to play to keep your mind sharp?  Look no further than Stimart Scarlett.  Stimart Scarlett is “the first memory exercise program for seniors.”

It features 13 cultural and recreational games that allow players to go at their own pace.


  • No timers, thus no feelings of failure
  • Works without WiFi, but requires internet connection for monthly updates
  • 13 memory games included upon installation:
    • Proverbs to find
    • Instruments to recognize
    • Paintings of Monet, Van Gogh, and more
    • General knowledge trivia quiz
    • And much more!
  • Users can test the application for free before buying subscription

Click here to learn more about Stimart Scarlett.

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