4 Wireless Health Monitoring Devices

I discussed three different activity trackers on last week’s featured blog.  I wanted to continue discussing other health-related devices for this week’s feature as well by covering four wireless health monitoring devices.

Disclaimer: Please note that the following is a list of medical devices.  Please consult with your healthcare provider to see what works best for you.  Note that this blog is for entertainment and educational purposes only.  The content on this blog should not be used in lieu of professional medical advice.  

Now that we’ve gotten the disclaimer out of the way, let’s begin discussing a handful of wireless health monitoring devices.

4 Wireless Health Monitoring Devices:

1. Kardia Mobile:

Kardia Mobile by AliveCor is an “easy way to detect atrial fibrillation so you can live your life with confidence.”  It is a personal EKG that connects to an app on both iOS and Android devices.


  • Allows users to take an EKG in just 30 seconds
  • Simply place your fingers on Kardia Mobile’s pads and results will go directly to app
  • Basic or Premium plan options:
    • Basic allows EKG recording with Instant Analysis
    • Premium for $9.99/month allows the following:
      • EKG recording with Instant Analysis
      • Unlimited storage and history
      • Summary reports for your doctor
      • Blood pressure monitoring
      • Tracking weight and medication
    • FDA-cleared, medical-grade EKG recordings
2. iHealth Smart Gluco-Monitoring System:

The iHealth Smart Glucometer is a visual daily diabetes management system.  It takes readings similarly to an old glucometer, but with a digital twist.


  • Portable, shareable, personal diabetes data management device
  • Connects to a free companion app (available on both iOS and Android devices)
    • App becomes a digital logbook that presents data in simple and easy-to-understand ways such as color-coded data, charts, and graphs
  • Secure and shareable cloud data
  • Effective data management
  • 5 easy steps for 5-second results
  • Portable and discreet design
  • FDA approved and CE certified
3. Nokia Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor:

The Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor makes it easy to check your blood pressure.  You simply slip the cuff on, turn it on, and the Health Mate app will automatically launch (once it’s installed.)


  • Simple way to monitor your blood pressure
  • All blood pressure readings automatically sync with the Health Mate app
  • Health Mate app creates an easy-to-understand chart of all your measurements
  • Easily integrate monitoring into your day by setting reminders in the app to check your blood pressure
  • BPM+’s results have received clearance from the FDA
4. Nokia Thermo Smart Thermometer:

I wrote about the Thermo Temporal Smart Thermometer in a recent blog, but I felt it’s worth mentioning on today’s too.  It is a contact-free, easy way to take anyone’s temperature.


  • Fast, simple, no-contact gesture yields precise temperature measurement
  • Automatically syncs with dedicated app
  • App allows you to track temperature readings, get reminders, input related symptoms/medications, and more
  • Measures from temporal artery, “considered an ideal place to detect temperature changes, as blood that circulates there comes from the core of the body”
  • Medically-approved thermometer with in-app educational information provided by Boston Children’s Hospital

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