Halloween Fun with Toca Boo

Toca Boca offers several fun, kid-safe apps with loads of open-ended play experiences.  The company believes in “the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world.”  They design their products from children’s perspective to “empower them to be playful, creative, and to be who they want to be.”  One of their products that is perfect for today’s festivities is Toca Boo!

Toca Boo introduces children to Bonnie, a little girl whose family loves to scare one another.  She’ll quickly show children how to spook the rest of her family:

  • Children will have fun floating around the house looking for other family members to scare
  • Hide under tables, duvets, or behind curtains
  • Search the rooms for family members but stay away from the light or else you’ll be seen
  • Rattle things or turn on the kettle to make other characters nervous
  • Munch on peppers for an extra hot scare

toca boo app from toca boca

Other Features of Toca Boo:

  • Children will have fun exploring the large house with 2 floors and 6 rooms
  • 6 different family members to scare
  • Hidden surprises around the house
  • Get bigger scares by eating things
  • Interact with objects in the house
  • Humorous features include turning on disco music to dance, turning invisible, and different hiding places like toilets
  • Open-ended play with no rules or stress
  • Child-friendly interface
  • No third-party advertising
  • No in-app purchases
  • Beautiful, original artwork

Click here to learn more about Toca Boo.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Explore the Halloween spirit with “Toca Boo” from Toca Boca, a delightful app that allows children to experience the thrill of trick-or-treating in a playful and non-scary way. It’s a perfect choice for families looking to enjoy the holiday without the frights.
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