Lazarillo GPS on Google Play

There are several GPS apps available on Apple devices to help individuals with visual impairments.  However, if you’re searching for one to use on Android devices, check out the Lazarillo GPS lazarillo gps appLazarillo is a specialized GPS app that provides a myriad of mobility tools for individuals who are blind.  The goal of the app is to help the user reach his or her destination through the use of audio notifications of nearby places, institutions, shops, etc.

Features of Lazarillo GPS:

  • Provides real-time location updates, surrounding places, and street intersections while you’re scrolling
  • Searchable categories allow users to search for banks, restaurants, shops, entertainment, museums, and more
  • Users can find a route to any place using voice or keyboard
  • Lazarillo can also guide people inside places using their indoor navigation service:
    • Through the installation of this system inside buildings or close spaces that require accessibility, “Lazarillo will send specific information from these spaces answering to the user about their specific need”
    • While in Exploration Mode, individuals who are blind can obtain general information about the place and select preferred action

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