Control your garage door anywhere with Garageio

We have covered countless smart home devices over the years.  However, we’ve yet to discuss a device that could help individuals with special needs get into their garages.  While garage door openers or outdoor keypads may work fine for some, something like Garageio may work even better for others.

Garageio is a simple and secure way to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere.  Unlike traditional garage door openers, Garageio allows users to make sure their garage is closed when they’re away, thus providing peace of mind.

Blackbox Specs:

  • Compatible with almost every garage door opener
  • Requires WiFi (2.4GHz routers only) and an Android, iPhone/iPod Touch or Blackberry phone for setup
  • 3.2 in x 3.2 in x 1.25 in high-temp enclosure
  • Mounts to any surface
  • Currently compatible with North American power (110-130VAC, 60Hz)
    • They are currently working on European and Australian versions

Garageio garage door opener

Garageio Features:

  • The package comes with:
    • Garageio Blackbox
    • Power Adapter
    • Opener Cable
    • Package of Adhesive-backed Cable Clips
    • Sensor Cable
    • Installation Card
  • Setup is quick and easy and requires no special tools
  • Open or close your garage door with a single swipe
  • Receive real-time alerts if your garage door has been left open
  • Integrates with other smart home products such as Amazon Echo
  • 1-year limited warranty on all hardware
  • No monthly or activation fees
  • Available for 1, 2, or 3-door garages

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