BuckleRoo Seat Belt Buckle Guard

Do you have a problem with your child unbuckling his or her seat belt?  A possible solution to help keep your child safe is the BuckleRoo Seat Belt Guard.  The BuckleRoo is a “simple little device with a great big job: keeping children safe by preventing them from releasing their seat belt while you’re driving.”buckleroo seat belt guardTo use, simply slip the BuckleRoo over the buckle receptacle and connect the seatbelt as you normally would.  Then you can drive safely knowing your child cannot release the latch.  The product was designed with children with emotional or cognitive disabilities in mind.

BuckleRoo Seat Belt Guard Features:

  • Patented unique design blocks small fingers from pressing the buckle release button during travel
  • Universal design allows for simple seat belt installation in most modern family vehicles
  • Simply slip it over the buckle receptacle and slide the buckle through the slot
    • To release: stick your car key into the release slot and disconnect the belt
  • Durable shatterproof construction
  • Built-in breakaway emergency key

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  1. I am a special needs school bus driver and these are a must have on my route. I drive three students who would be up walking around and jumping around the bus. If this product goes on sale I would like to purchase many of them…

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