OK Away app screenshot

OK Away: Find Family and Friends

You can never be too careful while hiking or traveling.  An app called OK Away has been developed for travelers, providing a way for family, friends, and the travel community to connect better with safety in mind.   According to the Educational AppStore’s description: “OK Away provides reassurance that everything is okay to the families of […]

BuckleRoo Seat Belt Buckle Guard

Do you have a problem with your child unbuckling his or her seat belt?  A possible solution to help keep your child safe is the BuckleRoo Seat Belt Guard.  The BuckleRoo is a “simple little device with a great big job: keeping children safe by preventing them from releasing their seat belt while you’re driving.”To […]

Traveling with Disability: Plan, Prepare … and Have Fun!

People with disabilities can enjoy nearly all the same pleasurable fruits of life as those without disability, though it may take a little more planning and preparation. That’s true of many leisurely pursuits, including traveling – whether it’s across the globe, to another state or even within your own city. This is especially the case […]

Go Free Wheelin’ with the FreeWheel!

Individuals who use a manual wheelchair often find themselves unable to successfully travel through rough terrain.  Racing is also a major challenge for these individuals, as they have to focus on the chair not tipping over, thus they must pause to pop wheelies over obstacles on the course.  Naturally, there are specific chairs designed for such events, but they’re […]

Achieving Greatness through Power Soccer

While reflecting on youth, oftentimes one will reminisce the warm days of summer and kicking or throwing a ball around with friends.  Some even threw or kicked a ball outside of their driveway while competing in local baseball, basketball or soccer teams.  According to recent statistics, 35 million children (ages 5-18) play some form of organized sport.  Why are so many children involved in […]

Travel Series: Wheelchair Van Rental

In the Travel Series, we have looked at how airlines and airports are making travel more accessible for individuals with disabilities, but transportation once one has reached their destination is just as  important. Getting around on vacation when a wheelchair is required for mobility can be an arduous task; however, there are solutions. Many companies […]