Fidget Dodecagon for ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, More

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I struggle with anxiety and ADHD every single day.  Fortunately, I have learned the many benefits of fidgets to help me channel my energy.  By channeling my hyperactive and anxious energy into a fidget, I’m better able to focus and relax.  One fidget I have recently stumbled upon is the Fidget Dodecagon.dodecagon fidgetThe Dodecagon is a 12-sided fidget cube that relieves stress and anxiety to increase attention and relaxation.  It is an ideal tool for individuals with autism, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, and more.  I wrote about the Fidget Cube last year which is a 6-in-1 fidget vinyl desk toy.  The Dodecagon offers the same benefits as the original Fidget Cube, but with 6 more sides to fidget with.

12 Sides of the Fidget Dodecagon:

  1. Rotating Disk: Circular dial which can be clicked and turned in any direction
  2. Gear: Three gears which can be rolled back and forth
  3. Silicone Ball: Soft, elastic silicone ball which can be pulled and pinched
  4. Switch: On/Off switch which pivots back and forth
  5. Buttons: 4 buttons which replicate a gaming controller
  6. Silicone Rope: Allows you to hang your Fidget Dodecagon anywhere you please
  7. Joystick: Gaming joystick which allows for 360º rotation
  8. Soft Button: Button provides the same satisfaction as clicking a pen
  9. Finger Massage: The soft tactility of the surface offers the benefit of improving blood circulation
  10. Worry Stone: Modeled after an ancient tool for anxiety relief, rub it repeatedly to relieve stress
  11. Minions: Three cute little silicone faces that help you relieve stress as you pinch them
  12. Sliders: Effortlessly slide them back and forth

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