J-Popper Ring-Pull Can Opener

Many love the “Easy Open” cans with the ring-pulls on them.  However, for individuals with arthritis, dexterity issues and more these cans are anything but easy to open.  This is where the J-Popper comes in handy.j-popper can openerThe J-Popper is a can opener that easily opens any can with a ring-pull mechanism.  While using this simple device, the lid is removed safely and easily with a gentle pull of the handle, and without splashing the can’s contents.

Features of the J-Popper:

  • Practical opener for all cans with a ring-pull opening mechanism
  • No more broken nails or sore fingers from opening cans
  • Ideal for individuals with poor dexterity, arthritis, weakness, and more
  • Compact and handy for your kitchen, garage, boat, camper – anywhere you’ll need a ring-pull can opened
  • Made from high-density ABS plastic
  • Available in white, red, yellow, or blue
  • No sharp edges or moving parts
  • Dishwasher safe

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