GE Smart Microwave Oven with Alexa

Did you know GE offers an assortment of ADA-compliant appliances, from dishwashers to warming drawers?  The company’s newest addition is arguably one of their most accessible appliances yet: the GE Smart Microwave Oven with Alexa. Yes, you heard that right: there is a countertop microwave now available with Alexa voice control!  I’ve written about Amazon Echo […]

Samurai 360 Circular Knife

One of the biggest challenges people face in the kitchen is cutting meats, cheeses, dough, veggies, pizza, brownies, and more.  If you’re looking for a new kind of knife to make this task easier, check out the Samurai 360! The Samurai 360 is a circular knife that makes precision cutting “easy and comfortable.”  The blade […]

4 Microwave Resources to Simplify Your Life

For the past few years, I have prepared around 80-90% of my meals in a microwave.  A girl can only eat so many Lean Cuisines and other microwavable entrees before getting sick of them.  So when I say I have prepared most of my meals in the microwave, I mean I have cooked boxed pasta, […]

J-Popper Ring-Pull Can Opener

Many love the “Easy Open” cans with the ring-pulls on them.  However, for individuals with arthritis, dexterity issues and more these cans are anything but easy to open.  This is where the J-Popper comes in handy.The J-Popper is a can opener that easily opens any can with a ring-pull mechanism.  While using this simple device, […]