The Rainforest Musical Kakamega (App)

Happy Diamond Music Studio Limited is a multimedia company that specializes in creating educational content and stories for young children.  One of their apps is the Rainforest Musical Kakamega, which is a colorful 90 minute adventure for iOS devices.

While using the app, children will sing fun songs and learn facts about the rainforest.  “Kakamega follows the story of Kaka and Yano, young twins who live in the lush, diverse — but endangered — rainforest.  When Henry, a sick boy from the city runs away into the forest, Kaka and Yano decide to help him by finding a mythical, magical, healing flower.”  The twins make their way through the rainforest with the help of singing animals and talking trees.

Rainforest Musical Kakamega Overview:

  • Exciting 90 minute adventure for iOS devices
  • Ideal for children ages 5-12
  • Includes 9 chapters with 12 original songs
  • The story in the app teaches children all about saving the rainforest and the natural resources that thrive there
  • Music from award-winning composer Shirley Choi

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