AssisitiveWare’s simPODD App

AssistiveWare offers a myriad of apps to help individuals with different special needs.  While we’ve covered a few of their apps (e.g. Proloquo2Go), we have yet to discuss simPODD.  AssistiveWare’s simPODD app is a user-friendly app that “makes communication more intuitive and printing faster.”

simpodd app logo

simPODD is the only iPad app for PODD.  PODD is a communication system for individuals with communication difficulties.  The PODD system can be either a laminated paper book or found on an electronic device.  Click here to keep reading about PODD.

The simPODD app combines both the digital page sets and a printing interface in one app.  “Personalizing the app, editing and managing your books and page sets is now much easier.”

Overview of the simPODD app:

  • AAC app for children, teens, and adults
  • The developers worked closely with parents and speech therapists to create an experience which solves a lot of problems people have had using PODD before
  • Features the well-loved SymbolStix library (which you’ll find in Proloquo2Go)
  • Ability to export your PODD book in just a few minutes
  • You can choose from forty different adult voices or genuine children’s voices with Australian, American, and British accents

Check it out on the App Store to learn more!