Fun and Function’s Social Mask

Whether we like it or not, having to wear a mask is not going to stop anytime soon.  A little while ago I wrote about the ClearMask, a full-face mask that doesn’t hide the wearer’s face.  If you’re looking for something similar, check out Fun and Function’s Social Mask!

the social mask in black
Image credit: Fun and Function

The Social Mask features a transparent communication window that keeps facial expressions visible.  This is important for individuals with hearing impairments, communication issues, and more.

Overview of Fun and Function’s Social Mask:

  • Features a transparent communication window that keeps facial expressions visible
  • Keeping one’s face visible:
    • Helps individuals stay “accustomed to nonverbal cues and social nuances”
    • It also helps individuals with (or without) hearing impairments to read lips, improving communication overall
    • Children can also more easily recognize familiar faces, which reduces anxiety
  • The Mask can be worn in schools, camps, and other situations where social distancing is recommended/enforced
  • Antifog technology keeps the communication window clear
  • The adjustable nosepiece feature keeps the wearer’s glasses fog-free!
  • The mask is machine washable (gentle cycle)
    • Dry flat
  • Adjustable ear elastic secures the mask
  • Made out of super-soft cotton for an “incredibly comfortable and breathable fit”
  • Comes in 2 sizes:
    • Child 7.4″L x 2.6″W
    • Adult 8.3″L x 2.8″W
  • Available in multiple color options/patterns:
    • Oxford pink or blue
    • Black/multi
    • Gray or blue polka dots
  • For ages three and up!

Click here to learn more about Fun and Function’s Social Mask!

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