Sara beside her vehicle with her children

Consumer Highlight: Sara Banghart

Sara beside her vehicle with her childrenSara Banghart is a mother of two. Her daughter, Raelyn, was born with Pompe disease, which is an inherited disorder caused by buildup of a complex sugar (glycogen) in certain organs and tissues, especially in the muscles. Due to this disease, her daughter is non-ambulatory and dependent on a wheelchair.

A few years ago, Sara learned about the INDATA Project’s Alternative Financing Program, which is a low-interest rate extended-term loan for anyone in the state of Indiana that has a disability (or dependent with a disability) to purchase assistive technology. Sara reached out to us and was able to purchase a vehicle that was large enough for them to transport Raelyn’s wheelchair with this loan.

Recently Sara was in an accident that totaled that vehicle. She called us after the accident and said she was in desperate need of replacing her vehicle with a new one. We discussed the option of her applying for another loan and then being able to pay off the original loan once her insurance settlement was resolved. Sara also cares for her mother who uses a wheelchair. As the primary caregiver to both her daughter and her mom, she could not be without a vehicle and needed one that can fit two wheelchairs and also leave room for groceries. We reached out to our financial partner, STAR Financial, to see if they could fast-track this request. Sara had found a GMC Acadia that was in her price range and the bank worked with her to purchase this vehicle very quickly.

Sara beside her vehicle with her daughterSara loves this vehicle more than the one she had totaled because it has more room, which allows her to transport both her daughter and her mother’s wheelchairs. The new SUV has a foot tailgate that allows her to use her foot to open the hatchback so she can have her hands free to have the wheelchair or groceries in her hand. It also has a remote start to be able to warm up the car in the winter, which is wonderful for Raelyn who has trouble gaining weight because of her disability and gets cold very easily.

Sara said, “The loan process was so quick and easy. Everyone was very helpful and fast! We had to get things done quickly and they made it happen. We are very thankful for them.”

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