e-pill cadex vibraplus 8 alarm watch

E-Pill CADEX VibraPlus Watch

Last week I wrote about the VoiceZone 4-Alarm Medical Watch, which is a wearable that helps remind individuals to take their medications up to 4 times a day.  If you are looking for a watch to help remind you to take medications up to 8 times a day, check out the E-Pill CADEX VibraPlus watch!

e-pill cadex vibraplus 8 alarm watch

The E-Pill CADEX VibraPlus is a medication reminder watch that looks like a normal sports watch.  Wearers are able to program up to 8 daily alarms that auto-reset every day.  The face of the watch shows the current time.  The watch also features a stopwatch mode and a unique countdown timer mode.

Here’s more from E-Pill’s website:

“Originally developed for children with diabetes, the e-pill CADEX VibraPlus watch vibrates discreetly. The watch is not only for children – this watch style is for adults and teenagers!”

Overview of the E-Pill CADEX VibraPlus Watch:

  • Discreetly reminds wearers to take their medications with a strong vibration
  • Because it alerts users via vibration, this watch is ideal for individuals with hearing impairments
  • Users have the option to have the watch alert them via vibration and/or a sound alarm
  • Set up to eight alarms per day; alarms auto-reset every day
  • Key Lock feature prevents accidental changes
  • Countdown interval timer feature: long interval from 15 minutes to 24 hours with unique Auto Start
  • Features a backlight to make it easy to view the time day or night!

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  1. Sur ma montre, il y a une indication TR qui clignote continuellement, est-ce normal. Sinon que dois-je faire pour l’enlever.

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