neo Smartpen n2 bluetooth 4.0 LE

Neo Smartpen N2

Last week I wrote about the Neo Smartpen M1, which is the “lightest, smartest smartpen.” Another available smartpen option from the same company is the Neo Smartpen N2. The N2 delivers a “comfortable and seamless writing experience” with its ergonomic design.

Just like other Neo Smartpens, the N2 is designed to write like a traditional pen.  Unlike a traditional writing pen, the N2 provides the combination of a traditional writing experience with digital convenience.  Users simply write or draw whatever they want on Digital Paper.  Then they’ll be able to edit their notes on the Neo Notes app!

neo Smartpen n2 bluetooth 4.0 LE  Here’s more about the technology inside the pen:

“Thanks to ARM’s dual core processor, N2 is capable of handling heavy tasks and delivering faster responses than the previous Neo Smartpens. Capturing more than 120 frames per second and calculating 256 steps of pressure, N2 is the leading technology in the smartpen industry…”

The Neo Smartpen N2 utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) technology — also known as Bluetooth Smart — to connect to your smart devices.  Bluetooth 4.0 LE not only consumes less energy, it also offers dual-mode that supports classic Bluetooth operation. “With Bluetooth 4.0, you can enjoy a faster connection with your smart devices and longer use of N2.”

Overview of the Neo Smartpen N2:

  • Ergonomic smartpen that provides the combination of a traditional writing experience with digital convenience
  • Measurement: 11.8mm (0.464in) thick and 156.5mm (6.14in) long
  • Weighs 22g (0.7ounce)
  • N2’s aluminum and stainless steel body makes the pen sturdy and scratch-resistant
  • Continuous usage lasts 5 hours
    • Normal usage lasts 3 days
    • Will last in standby mode for up to 125 days

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