neo smartpen reco audio recorder

Neo Smartpen RECO

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve written about different Neo smartpens.  In addition to a variety of smartpens, Neo also offers the Neo Smartpen RECO, which is the “world’s first intuitive voice recorder.”

neo smartpen reco audio recorder

Further, Neo Smartpen RECO is the voice recorder that keeps track of notes written on paper.  The Neo Smartpen RECO allows users to bookmark their favorite video or website links with InkLink.  To do this, simply download the software on your PC and connect it to Neo Smartpen.  Take notes on your digital notebook while watching a video or visiting a website.

Once it’s all set up, tap your notes to replay specific parts of the video you’ve watched or open the websites you’ve visited.  

Overview of Neo Smartpen RECO:

  • A new accessory for Neo Smartpens
  • Intuitive voice recorder that keeps track of notes written on paper
  • Ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hands
  • The built-in microphone gets “superior sound quality” with any position
  • How to record:
    1. Press the power button and check if the power indicator turns red
    2. Turn on Neo Smartpen; keep it close when connecting.  Check if the power indicator turns blue
    3. Press the record button and make sure the record indicator is blinking red
    4. No action is necessary while recording
    5. Press the record button again to stop recording
  • Once you’re finished recording, you can tap your notes to playback the audio recorded at that time
  • Internal memory: 16GB
  • Connects to devices using Bluetooth 4.2LE
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous recording time

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