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Goally Therapy Suite

If you’re looking for a visual schedule tool, check out Goally.  Goally is a suite of therapeutic apps designed to help support the daily activities and functioning of children and teens with a variety of disabilities.

According to BridgingApps:

“One of the benefits of Goally is that it is available both on a small dedicated kid-friendly device that can be purchased as a subscription or two apps that can be downloaded onto an Android or iOS device that you already may own…”

Parents, educators, and clinicians can use the Goally Adults app to manage and program the Goally Learner’s app.  While using this app, you can easily create routines, reminders, and checklists to make bedtime “easy and mornings relaxed.”

goally app exampleAfter purchasing a subscription, the following features are available:

  • Visual scheduler – customizable with various sounds, reminders
  • Puzzles for learner engagement – customizable sounds, number of pieces
  • Automated token reward system – customizable, built-in images and uploadable pictures
  • Visual countdown timers for any task – customizable sounds and time, bar shows visual of time countdown
  • Weather app – not customizable, a basic layout with temperature, thermometer icons
  • Behavior tracker – easy setup, behavior library included

What’s included with the distraction-free device:

  • No web browser
  • Rugged cases
  • Totally dedicated to Goally apps
  • No YouTube
  • No App Store

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