goally app example

Goally Therapy Suite

If you’re looking for a visual schedule tool, check out Goally.  Goally is a suite of therapeutic apps designed to help support the daily activities and functioning of children and teens with a variety of disabilities. According to BridgingApps: “One of the benefits of Goally is that it is available both on a small dedicated […]

Tiimo App for ADHD, autism, and more

For many individuals with ADHD, ADD, autism, and more — they often benefit from structure in their daily lives.  Tiimo is an app that provides visual structure and support in everyday life.  “It’s a solution that combines a calendar, time management, icons, and reminders in one smart digital solution.” After downloading and setting the Tiimo […]

Children with Autism: A Visual Schedule App

Visual Schedules are ideal tools for individuals with autism, ADHD, and other special needs.  The Children with Autism: A Visual Schedule by Enuma is the “first wearable picture-based scheduler designed with children and adults with autism in mind.”  The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to create a picture-based, personalized daily schedule. “Understanding and following […]

Reminder, Alarm and Voice Reminders, Remind Me App

Visual scheduling and checklist apps have proven to be effective resources for individuals with autism, cognitive disabilities, and more.  The Reminder, Alarm and Voice Reminders, Remind Me App is a powerful, all-in-one app available for free* on the App Store. Because this Reminder app features a simple, user-friendly interface, it’s an ideal tool for individuals of […]

What’s Next – Visual Prompt App

Individuals with ADHD, autism, or other special needs often benefit from First-Then or Visual Schedule applications.  If you’re looking for an app to help explain what happens next, What’s Next is an affordable solution!  What’s Next is a “communication tool for caregivers looking after a person with limited or no verbal communication skills.  It can be […]