Exhibitor Hall at 2024 ATIA conference

2024 ATIA Conference Tech Tips

Exhibitor Hall at 2024 ATIA conferenceThe last week in January several members of our team attended the 2024 ATIA Conference in Orlando, Florida. This is a conference where people gather with vendors, practitioners, and people with disabilities to learn, network, and share the latest and greatest in the world of assistive technology.

Our very own Brian Norton, VP of Adult Services, and Josh Anderson, Director of Assistive Technology, also presented On The Fly Accommodations about creating out-of-the box thinking & concepts for implementing successful solutions in the workplace.

Brian Norton and Josh Anderson presenting at 2024 ATIA

Another important thing we did at the conference was to visit each vendor booth to gather information and record vendor demos to share the newest assistive technologies shown in the exhibitor hall. These demos will allow us to share all of the latest and greatest assistive technology showcased in the exhibitor hall and we hope that it gives viewers a feel for what it is like to attend the conference.

We are really excited to share this information and to use all we learned to best serve people throughout the state of Indiana. We will share one each week as our Monday Tech Tip. Here is an example of a tech tip from the 2024 ATIA that we have shared since our return:

We also invited vendors to take part in our Assistive Technology Update podcast, which is our weekly podcast that keeps listeners up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of assistive technology designed to assist individuals with disabilites and special needs. Our listeners can look forward to those podcasts every Friday. To listen to this podcast, they post every Friday on our blog and can be found wherever you get your podcasts.














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