Find Accessible Lodging with now has a search filter that finds hotels with various accessibility features to narrow your results.  So folks who are preparing to travel and looking for a hotel that they can access with their wheelchair, for example, will be able to do so with ease.  This also means that people with disabilities can take […]

Missouri Assistive Technology Conference

Power Up 2010 is the title of this year’s assistive technology conference and expo in Missouri.  The Holiday Inn Select in Coumbia will be hosting the event.  Participants can expect to see exhibits and demonstrations for assistive technology vendors such as Clarity, Benetech/Bookshare, United Access, DynoVox Mayer-Johnson, and TextHelp.  The conference will also have interactive […]

Product Review: UbiDuo Face to Face Communicator

The UbiDuo is an ideal communication device for people with hearing impairment.  It’s portable, runs on batteries, and allows for uncomplicated conversation between two to four people.  Let’s take a closer look at how this piece of assistive technology operates.

Product Review: IRISPen Express 6

Today I am reviewing the IRISPen Express 6.  This assistive technology device is a handheld scanner which you can use to highlight text to be entered into an application like a word document.  It promises to save time and be up to 100% accurate.  Let’s try it out!

Siri: New iPhone Voice Recognition App

Artificial Intelligence just got a little more savvy. Siri is a brand new iPhone app that not only contains voice recognition capabilities, but it can also interpret what is being said.  You can plan your day with it by asking where the best restaurants are near your house, what the weather is like, what’s playing at the […]