EVENT: Sensory Friendly Screening of Gnomeo and Juliet

  What: A sensory friendly showing of  Touchstone Pictures’ Gnomeo and Juliet presented by Goodrich Quality Theaters. When: Saturday, March 5 at 10am Where: Hamilton 16 IMAX in Noblesville, IN. Who Should Attend: Families with children who have special needs. The “Lights Up, Sound Down.  Lights Up, Sound Down” event gives families with children who have […]

Technology Predictions: Guest Blog by Wade Wingler

Assistive technology follows, relies upon and benefits from the developments of mainstream computer technologies.  While I was recently watching IBM’s “Watson” compete with Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, I was amazed at the computer’s ability to run algorithms and search its internal databases to rapidly determine the answers to a surprisingly high number […]

Microsoft Ease of Access Center

The INDATA blog is proud to offer information about assistive technology computers and devices; however, we realize that certain  products we feature can sometimes be very expensive or too sophisticated and overreaching of certain individual’s AT needs. The Tech Tip for this week  features equipment for the iMac that comes standard with the purchase of the computer. […]

Simple Solutions: Dressing Aids

Most people without a disability usually don’t give the process of getting dressed in the morning much thought. They pull on their pants, button their shirts, and put on their socks and shoes without difficulty or much regard at all. But for individuals who have problems with dexterity in their hands or limited mobility in […]

Showplace 16 in South Bend Now Offers Sensory Friendly Films

There is great news for movie goers in Northern Indiana! Showplace 16 in South Bend is the latest theater in Indiana to offer viewers sensory friendly versions of popular, current films. What are sensory friendly films and who will benefit from this new program in South Bend? Families and children with autism or other special […]