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Speak My Mind AAC App

Several apps are available to help turn your iOS device into an AAC device, one of them being the Speak My Mind app.  Speak My Mind is a “revolutionary” augmentative and alternative communication app that helps individuals with language and communication challenges. The app can help people with autism, ALS, Down Syndrome, Apraxia, cerebral palsy, […]

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MyFinder App

A newer artificial intelligence (AI) app is available to help individuals with visual impairments.  MyFinder is a free-to-download iOS app that allows users to hear surrounding objects, text and scene descriptions, and more. Here’s more from the App Store’s description: “MyFinder AI provides audio descriptions of objects and navigation guidance towards them. It reads out […]

Girl using Skyle

Skyle Turns Your iPad Into an EyePad

Meet Skyle for iPad Pro — a world-first eye tracker that allows you to control an iPad completely with your eyes! Skyle has been specifically created to utilize the power of the iPad Pro, turning it into an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device that can be controlled completely with your eyes. This tool offers […]

airpods max headphones

Apple’s AirPods Max

Yesterday I wrote about Apple’s AirPods Pro, which are a “higher-end version of its existing AirPods with a unique design, noise cancellation technology, and better sound.” Apple has yet another model of AirPods available: introducing AirPods Max. Here’s some information about the AirPods Max design: “The over-ear headphone has been completely reimagined. From cushion to […]

apple airpods pro

Apple’s AirPods Pro

Since releasing the first generation of AirPods back in 2016, Apple has released some newer models. Apple’s AirPods Pro are a “higher-end version of its existing AirPods with a unique design, noise cancellation technology, and better sound.” Users can choose from three sizes of soft, flexible silicone tips that click into place. These internally tapered […]

apple airtag find my keys and more

Apple AirTag

I originally wrote about Tile back in 2014.  If you’re unfamiliar with Tile products, in sum, they are small Bluetooth-enabled devices you can attach to items like keys, wallets, purses — anything you can potentially lose.  Apple now has its very own version: introducing Apple AirTag! According to Apple’s website, Apple AirTag is a “super-easy […]