Blake Allee demoing Guided Hands to Lydia Farmen

Consumer Highlight: Lydia Farmen

Lydia Farmen grew up in Martinsville and graduated from Martinsville High School in 2018. Lydia was born with spina bifida and for years she was able to walk with forearm crutches and use her hands. She can no longer walk and has lost her ability to grasp things with her hands. Her mom, Sara, contacted […]

VSA Indiana

For many, participating in the arts is a way to release creative freedom and expression. For individuals living with a disability, the arts can mean so much more. VSA Indiana, formerly Very Special Arts, was founded in 1982 as Arts Unlimiting, and since 1986 has been the state affiliate for VSA, an international program of […]

ArtsWORK Indiana

For nine years, one Indiana organization has worked to create a network of interested artists, with and without disabilities, to facilitate access to careers in the arts for people with disabilities. Through awareness, education and encouragements, ArtsWORK Indiana aims to increase career skill-building and networking opportunities for artists with disabilities in the state of Indiana. […]

Painting possibilities

Laser Eagles Art Guild on You Tube Many things about ourselves make us different from everyone else. Varied in talent, interests and desires, people lead different lives. No one is the exact same as anyone else and that is the beautiful thing about being human: differences. Judith Snow, a quadriplegic, an advocate, an author, lecturer and […]