Bob, Nancy, and Scout Butler sitting on couch

Consumer Highlight: Robert (Bob) Butler

Robert (Bob) Butler was born in Marion, Indiana and raised with 7 siblings. He went to Ball State University and then got a job working for the state of Indiana at the Department of Workforce Development. Robert also met his wife, Nancy, at work. He is now 71 years-old and retired from the state job […]

Blake Allee demoing Guided Hands to Lydia Farmen

Consumer Highlight: Lydia Farmen

Lydia Farmen grew up in Martinsville and graduated from Martinsville High School in 2018. Lydia was born with spina bifida and for years she was able to walk with forearm crutches and use her hands. She can no longer walk and has lost her ability to grasp things with her hands. Her mom, Sara, contacted […]

Mike and Lisa Overbay posing with their accessible van and Lisa is on the wheelchair ramp

Consumer Highlight: Lisa Overbay

Lisa Overbay has multiple sclerosis and is dependent on a wheelchair. To be able to leave her home, she needs a wheelchair accessible vehicle. She and her husband were using a 2006 van that he was able to convert himself with a wheelchair lift, but it was “on it’s last leg”. When they began to […]

Head shot of Jordan

Consumer Highlight: Jordan Haisley

As a child, Jordan was more injury prone than others. She had “floppy reflexes” and could become injured very easily. She also always had difficulty writing and had an aide through high school. Jordan graduated from Muncie Southside High School in 2003 and went to Ivy Tech. During that time, she also worked at Sallie […]

Headshot of Mason Metzger

Consumer Highlight: Mason Metzger

Mason Metzger is a college student and has cerebral palsy. He uses a wheelchair and has minimal use of his hands and arms. He was struggling with computer access due to these limitations so he came to Easterseals Crossroads for an assistive technology evaluation. This evaluation assisted him in determining the best assistive technology to […]