Home delivery services improve accessibility of food, medications, and medical care for people with transportation issues.

Transportation can be an extremely difficult issue for some people with disabilities. These transportation barriers can have a serious affect on the lives of people who are not able to easily get around or don’t have access to accessible transportation. People may have mobility, visual, cognitive, or financial constraints that make transportation a crucial concern. […]

Electric Wheelchair Accessible Car now being manufactured in the United States

Stacy Zoern, a lawyer based out of Texas, was having trouble finding an affordable accessible vehicle. Transportation for folks who use a wheelchair is a major financial issue. The cost of getting a wheelchair accessible van has increased to a range of 50,000 to 100,000 dollars. After searching transportation options, Stacy discovered a company in […]

Getting Around with IndyGo

People with disabilities can catch a ride with IndyGo’s Open Door program.  This service benefits those who do not have access to the standard fixed route that IndyGo transportation runs on.  For $3.50 a ride, customers can reserve a trip to their destination one to three days beforehand.  IndyGo buses, which are fully accessible with ramps, […]