Freedom Scientific Releases JAWS 12

Freedom Scientific announced the release of JAWS® for Windows version 12, including JAWS BrailleIn™, a powerful new feature that enables users who prefer typing in Braille to use contracted Braille in common Microsoft applications such as Internet Explorer and Word. JAWS 12 includes a new Virtual Ribbon feature which provides a fast way to navigate […]

Product Description: Franklin Bill Reader (BR-1000)

The Franklin Bill Reader is a handheld device for the blind and visually impaired.  It uses Evolution Robotics’ ViPR (Visual Pattern Recognition) object recognition and identification technology with an imbedded digital camera and speaker to immediately determine the denominations of U.S. paper currency. Hold the BR-1000 over a single U.S. dollar bill (each bill must […]

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Leader Dogs for the Blind is an organization that focuses on providing dog guides to people who are blind and visually impaired to enhance their mobility, independence, and quality of life.  Leader Dogs for the Blind has expanded its services to provide other programs to enhance a person’s independence and quality of life in other […]

accessABILITY: Senior Technology Fair

WHAT: Senior Technology Fair WHERE: To be held at the American Legion, located at: 8725 E. 38th Street WHEN: Date: June 18, 2010 Time: 1:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. See the newest most innovative technology for legally blind and totally blind seniors. Learn how accessABILITY and other community partners can help make your life more independent. […]

Product Review: VictorReader Stream

The VictorReader Stream is a portable DAISY player about the size of a pack of playing cards.  It has an SD card for storing books, files, music, voice recordings, and podcasts.  You can download your books and MP3s or transport them via USB.  The Stream is completely voice-guided for the visually impaired. Sounds great!  Let’s […]

Free Webinar on NVDA Screen-Reader

WHAT: Free webinar on the NVDA Screen Reader PRESENTER: Mat Mirabella, Secretary and Co-Founder of NV Access WHEN: Wednesday, March 3rd, 4 p.m. Eastern Time NVDA is a free, downloadable screen reader from the Windows operating system.  Out of those that use screen reading software on their computer, 8% use NVDA. NV Access, the Australian […]