Rainbow Music Hand Bells

Fat Brain Toys offers several toy options for individuals who have difficulties with vision, mobility, hearing, or other special needs!  One toy ideal for children with visual impairments is the Rainbow Music Hand Bells. According to Fat Brain Toys, “These vibrant bells provide kids with a wonderfully intuitive first-time music-making experience that’s fun and easy. […]

ClearMask – See the person, not the mask!

What a surreal year 2020 has been so far!  I never thought I’d miss something as simple as sitting in a restaurant or going shopping at the mall.  Anywhere you go, you see individuals covering their faces with medical and handmade masks.  Prior to seeing everyone in masks, I had no idea how much I relied on […]

Color-Dots Tactile Key Locators

If you’re looking for something to help orientate your hands on a keyboard, check out the Color-Dots Tactile Key Locators!  These raised tactile dots are ideal for individuals with visual impairments. According to MaxiAids’ description, the Color-Dots Tactile Key Locators are an “inexpensive, reliable key location system that allows you to easily and accurately orient […]


Are you looking for a way to hear your TV with more clarity without disturbing others?  The SEREONIC TV Soundbox “brings TV or audio sound directly to you.”  The volume control works independently of your TV, so you are able to adjust the volume or turn it ON/OFF without it affecting volume for other viewers! […]

insideONE – Tactile Braille Tablet

Traditional tablets may be hard if not impossible to use for individuals with visual impairments.  Special Needs Computer Solutions, Inc. offers many solutions, one of them being the insideONE Tactile Braille Tablet. The insideONE Tactile Braille Tablet is a “touchscreen braille PC tablet with 32-cell refreshable braille display for individuals with visual impairments.”  It unites […]

HomeAware Smartphone Signaler with Bed Shaker Kit

Harris Communications, Inc. was established as a mail-order catalog company in 1982.  “Since that time, the customer base has expanded to the national and international levels.”  One of their newer products is the HomeAware Smartphone Signaler with Bed Shaker Kit. The HomeAware Smartphone Signaler with Bed Shaker is ideal for individuals with hearing impairments.  Once […]