roomba s9+ robot vacuum

Roomba S9+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

I recently wrote about the Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop.  Roomba offers several different models of robot vacuums, including the Roomba S9+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum. According to iRobot’s website, this model is their “smartest, most powerful robot vacuum yet.”  With the Roomba S9+, you can forget about vacuuming for months at a time with […]

Waymo parked car

Ride Safely with Waymo

Imagine yourself unable to see well enough to drive and how that would change your life. Autonomous vehicles have the potential to help people with disabilities get where they need to go safely and efficiently. And that includes the 1.3 million Americans who are legally blind. Waymo is a company that uses this type of […]

roborock s7 robot vacuum mop

Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop

There have been countless robot vacuums to hit the market since the first Roomba came out.  There are many that also mop floors in addition to vacuuming.  If you’re in the market for a new robot vacuum and mop, check out the Roborock S7! Here’s more about the company behind this revolutionary robot: “Founded in […]

toothbrush pillow

Toothbrush Pillow

Something as “simple” as putting toothpaste on one’s toothbrush can be challenging for individuals of all ages and abilities.  The Toothbrush Pillow is a low-tech solution to help with this task.  The Toothbrush Pillow is the “first and only product that will allow everyone to independently apply toothpaste.” Further, the Toothbrush Pillow provides a horizontal […]

RMS Sock Aid Image

RMS Sock Aid

For many individuals, putting on socks independently is very challenging if not impossible.  If you’re looking for a product to help make this daily task easier, check out the RMS Sock Aid! The RMS Sock Aid allows users to put on socks or hosiery independently in “4 easy steps.”  The Sock Aid is an ideal […]

nutri chopper kitchen gadget

Nutri Chopper

Chopping vegetables is challenging for individuals with arthritis, poor dexterity, and more.  One potential solution for this tedious task is the Nutri Chopper.  The Nutri Chopper is a compact, handheld kitchen slicer that “cuts your vegetables with just one snap!”   The engineers behind the revolutionary device combined five different interchangeable slicing options into one super […]