Are you looking for a way to hear your TV with more clarity without disturbing others?  The SEREONIC TV Soundbox “brings TV or audio sound directly to you.”  The volume control works independently of your TV, so you are able to adjust the volume or turn it ON/OFF without it affecting volume for other viewers! […]

insideONE – Tactile Braille Tablet

Traditional tablets may be hard if not impossible to use for individuals with visual impairments.  Special Needs Computer Solutions, Inc. offers many solutions, one of them being the insideONE Tactile Braille Tablet. The insideONE Tactile Braille Tablet is a “touchscreen braille PC tablet with 32-cell refreshable braille display for individuals with visual impairments.”  It unites […]

HomeAware Smartphone Signaler with Bed Shaker Kit

Harris Communications, Inc. was established as a mail-order catalog company in 1982.  “Since that time, the customer base has expanded to the national and international levels.”  One of their newer products is the HomeAware Smartphone Signaler with Bed Shaker Kit. The HomeAware Smartphone Signaler with Bed Shaker is ideal for individuals with hearing impairments.  Once […]

Steggy the Fine Motor Dino

The pincer grasp is an important milestone in fine motor development.  According to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, “A child will usually start to develop pincer grasp around nine months of age.”  This can be very difficult for children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or other special need(s) to master.  If you’re looking for […]

Learn how to write with the ABC Star app!

Is your child (or student) starting to learn how to write?  Apps are a fun, interactive way to practice tracing and writing letters and numbers.  The ABC Star app is a simple, yet exciting app that teaches children how to write letters from the English alphabet. Matt Habel is a software engineer and developer of […]

Cleaning Your Assistive Technology Devices

Cleaning is more important now than ever before as we continue to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Although many people are keeping quarantined at home, it’s virtually impossible to avoid having to run errands — unless you have some kind of fallout shelter stocked up with food and supplies! Think of all the bacteria you pick […]