Clothing line changes way children with autism get dressed

Zippers, buttons, and tags–oh my!  These features are found on a majority of clothing.  To many, seams and zippers are, well, seams and zippers; but for several children with autism, these are often insurmountable obstacles. Lauren Thierry, the mother of a boy with autism, created the “Independence Day Clothing” line to help children with autism […]

Autism Resources in Fiction and Technology

I grew up with the Baby-Sitters Club; I loved the books, the films, everything about the series.  (I can’t believe it’s already been fifteen years since the “Baby-Sitters Club” held their last meeting!)  I haven’t heard about the series for a while, but yesterday I read a headline titled: “‘Baby-Sitters Club’ author Ann M. Martin’s […]

Autism AT: no need to be high-tech or expensive

Assistive technology for people living with a disorder on the autism spectrum does not have to be expensive or incredibly complicated to operate. Often times, simple practices that begin in childhood can be carried over into adulthood. Organization, self help, social interaction and academic skills are a few of the areas where the right assistive […]

Headphones for Children with Autism

Headphones can do more than just provide a fun and convenient way to listen to music. In the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and even for those who have certain sensitivities to noises and sounds, headphones can be a necessity to coping with the world around them. In fact, noise reduction headphones allow some children […]