Free Text-to-Speech (TSS) list compiled on UDL

Text-to-speech software and application systems are priceless to many people with various disabilities. Text-to-speech transforms any text into speech in real time. It uses speech synthesis to create the artificial production of human speech. An internal computer will look at the text on a device screen and use speech synthesis technology to figure out how […]

Speech for Accessibility Solutions at ATIA Orlando 2011: HumanWare Selects Acapela Group as its Voice Partner

ATIA 2011, ORLANDO, Florida, January 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — HumanWare, the leading provider of intuitive and intelligent solutions for sight impaired users, will integrate text to speech solutions from Acapela Group, the Voice expert, to deliver highly natural speech, in up to 30 languages and 50 voices. More than any other users, people suffering from disabilities are facing […]

Amazon Kindle Accessibility Review

Many of you have come to us at INDATA and said “I’ve heard that the new Kindle has text-to-speech options. Can you tell me more about this?”  INDATA decided to purchase the new Kindle for our loan library to see what it has to offer to folks with vision impairments that are interested in listening […]

CapturaTalk – Mobile Assistive Technology

CapturaTalk is an award winning innovative software package designed to operate on a range of Windows Mobile phones to access information and to support anytime anywhere learning. This is ideal for people who require literacy support for disabilities such as dyslexia, or for those learning English. CapturaTalk v3 delivers the following features: ·Scan and recognise […]