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ATFAQ183 – Q1. Medication Managment, Q2. Wheelchair laptop mount, Q3. Turning the stove off, Q4. Riding public transportation, Q5. Favorite accommodations

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Panelists: Brian Norton, Josh Anderson, Belva Smith —– Transcript Starts Here —– Speaker 1: I have a question. Speaker 2: Huh? Speaker 1: Like what? Speaker 2: I’ve always wondered … Speaker 3: What about, do you know … Speaker 4: I have a question. Speaker 5: I’ve […]

The Mount’n Mover

Tablets and other mobile devices have proven to be useful assistive technologies for countless individuals.  However, these devices often need to be mounted for several individuals to use them.  If you or a loved one are searching for a wheelchair mount, check out the Mount’n Mover.  The Mount’n Mover is a versatile and accessible wheelchair mounting […]