5 popular apps using VoiceOver

VoiceOver is a built-in screen reader found on Apple devices.  When using VoiceOver, users can access Macintosh or iOS devices with spoken descriptions and, when using the Mac, the keyboard.  This has made the devices accessible for users with visual impairments, as well as those with dyslexia.

VoiceOver App StoreIf you visit the App Store now on the iPhone, you’ll find a category on the main page entitled, “Popular apps using VoiceOver” (see above image).  Instead of highlighting each of these apps, I’d like to discuss a handful for today’s blog.

5 popular apps using VoiceOver:

The following list consists of only five available apps to help with productivity, navigation, and more.  To view the dozens of other apps that utilize VoiceOver, check out the section on the App Store today!


IFTTT is an easy, free way to get the most out of all your favorite apps and devices.  It consists of two parts: applets and services.  Applets bring all services together to create new, easily-accessible experiences.  Services are the apps and devices you use every day (e.g. Facebook, Nest, Dropbox, Twitter, Spotify, and more.)


  • Works with over 500 apps/services
  • With Applets enabled, you can:
    • Control everything around you with your voice and Amazon Echo or Google Assistant
    • Always stay prepared for weather with custom daily forecast notifications
    • Back up important files, photos, and contacts to cloud-storage solutions (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive)
    • Trigger events based on current location
  • Available for free on iOS and Android devices
2. Fantastical 2:

Looking for a VoiceOver-friendly calendar app?  Check out Fantastical 2 for the iPhone.  It is a “fast and friendly calendar and reminders app, packed full of features to make you even more productive.”


  • Use natural language to create complex repeating events and set alerts
  • Quickly call, email, or message invitees
  • Set time and geofence alerts for your reminders
  • Google Maps, Google Chrome, and 1Password support
  • Custom font sizes using Dynamic Type
  • Available for $4.99 on the App Store
3. BlindSquare:

BlindSquare is an accessible navigation app.  It helps you know where you are and where you’re going so you can travel with confidence.  It combines the latest technology to assist individuals who are blind in their daily lives.


  • How it works:
    • Uses GPS and the compass to locate you
    • It then gathers information about your local environment from FourSquare
    • Unique algorithms decide what information is most relevant
    • It then speaks to you with high-quality speech
  • You can control the app through voice commands with the premium service ($39.99)
  • You can search by search term, radius, category, and more
  • With BlindSquire, you can also:
    • Get contact info
    • Open Twitter feed or restaurant menu (if available)
    • Make a phone call
    • Start tracking specific places
    • Open up your favorite navigator for turn-by-turn directions (e.g. TomTom, Apple Maps, etc.)
  • Available now on the App Store
4. RunGo:

RunGo is an app providing runners “the most innovative free* Running App available in the market today.”  It uses state-of-the-art turn-by-turn voice directions tailored to each runner’s needs.


  • Choose from over 80,000 routes worldwide or create your own and safely go for a run with built-in audio directions
    • 200 new routes added daily!
  • Route Creator allows users to create a new route or save a route they just ran
  • Works offline once you create and download routes in advance so you can explore without using your data plan
  • Tracks essential running stats such as:
    • Time
    • Pace
    • Splits
    • Distance
    • Elevation
  • Turn-by-turn voice directions offer audio cues from iPhone, Apple Watch or Android device
  • Available on both iOS and Android devices
5. Instapaper:

Looking for an accessible app to help keep you updated on current events?  Look no further than Instapaper!  Instapaper is “the simplest way to save and store article for reading offline, on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.”


  • Strips away all clutter and saves the content of websites into iOS optimized formatting
  • Save articles to Instapaper from other iOS apps with a single tap
  • Control every aspect of your reading experience with a variety of font, color themes, and spacing options
  • Sort your list of articles by popularity, date, and article length
  • Have your articles read to you with text-to-speech
  • Available on both Apple and Android devices

Click here to learn more about VoiceOver and other accessibility features available on the iPhone.

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