Hooked on Phonics : Learn to Read App

Learning to read is one of the most challenging tasks in development.  It is even more difficult for individuals with special needs.  A common method used to teach reading is Hooked on Phonics.  The method has been around for nearly 30 years and has helped millions of children learn how to read!  Now the very same […]

Oticon Opn™: Next Generation of Hearing Aids

There are so many hearing aids available for individuals with hearing impairments.  If you or a loved one are in the market for a new one, check out Oticon Opn.  Oticon Opn offers a new kind of hearing aid that does a lot more than help individuals hear.  One of its biggest features is that it […]

4 Fun Fairlady Media Apps for Pre-K

It is often so hard if not impossible to get tots to sit still and pay attention.  However, it is essential to start educating their minds as soon as possible.  Today’s technology makes the learning process a little easier even for the smallest of learners.  Developers at Fairlady Media have made it even easier with their series of educational […]

Gestype: Keyboard app for visually impaired

There has been an increasing number of accessible apps released on both Android and Apple devices over the past couple years.  Gestype is one currently in development for iOS devices.  In sum, it is an accessible touchscreen keyboard app developed specifically for individuals with visual impairments. The developers behind Gestype are rethinking the standard keyboard […]

Smashing Grammar App

My entire life I have loved absolutely everything grammar: writing, spelling, punctuation, nouns, prepositions–all of it!  Sadly, I understand learning grammar isn’t as exciting and easy for several individuals.  Developers at Fairlady Media believe that grammar can and should be fun!  Their Smashing Grammar app allows players to have a “smashing” time “blasting, bombing, demolishing, and pulverizing their way […]

Sparkup Magical Book Reader

Tablets and smartphones have no doubt offered several options for beginning readers, as well as those with visual impairments who can’t view standard text.  Sparkup Magical Book Reader is a revolutionary device that gets children’s faces out of screens and allows them to interact with real books!   It allows you to record the book yourself, or download […]